Family petitions


Petition of immediate relatives.
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This is one of several available methods that allow citizens to legally bring family members to the United States.

To obtain this document, a number of criteria must be satisfied. Such us:

  • Verify, through documentation, the existing family relationship.
  • Possess and file a petition, by the sponsoring US citizen, for each foreign relative who wishes to receive.
  • If it is a marriage, between a citizen and a foreigner, it must be proved that it is in good faith and not a farce to enter the country.

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Which immediate relatives of American citizens can apply?

Petition of other family members

There are so-called more distant but very defined family relationships with US citizens and this may be the case for siblings who wish to meet again in the nation.

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K Visa, fiance(e) petition of US citizens

This type of document is requested when you wish to bring a foreign fiance(e) to marry. The procedure is subject to a numerical limit and can be revoked if the marriage does not take place or it is found to be fraudulent.

Are you ready to start the process? You have our support and experience!


Frequent quiestions

Do we offer intrview training?

Yes, we do. You can count on our complete immigration support service.


Do we provide legal advice?

No, we don’t. We provide help realated to fill out documents and forms before USCIS or the court. The presentation is Prose, it means that you represent yourself.


Do we represent you legally in the courts of justice?

We do not represent before the court, you require the support of an accredited lawyer.


Do you know in advance the result of your procedure?

We act responsibly and therefore we can neither advise nor determine the outcome of any case.