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Our vocation for service and support came up from the idea of ​​Mariela Vecchio, leader and founder of the work team.

She trained as a lawyer in her native country, Venezuela. And after emigrating to the United States, she did not abandon her profession, but she decided to change it and adress it towards legal assistance, getting a certificate at the University of Miami.

She began to work in different companies to gain experience in immigration preparation and currently she runs her own business with a wide variety of services.

Also, Mariela is completing a master's degree in American Law and she is licensing to sign up as a lawyer in the USA, with the strong goal of being able to offer legal advice and support in her professional future.

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Gabriela Alfaro Mayo

She is a journalist, and graduated with a mention in Corporate Journalism, she has extensive experience in customer service and in assessing their needs to achieve satisfaction. She likes to offer help to others and a highly value courtesy. In our company, she is a legal assistant and she is also in charge of direct communication with our clients.

Katherine Delgado

She is one of our firm's paralegals. She graduated from Miami Dade College with an Associate Degree in Psychology, Magna Cum Laude. She has 5 years of experience in different branches of American law and she is in charge of preparing cases, from the moment they are received until they are sent to USCIS. She is an organized and very punctual person, always focused on the goals that must be achieved.

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We not only manage immigration documents, but also offer personalized and professional support with direct attention according to the requirements people need.

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Our satisfied clients

  • Andrea Carreño
    Tu Visa en USA attended to all my concerns and doubts from the first moment, it made me feel supported throughout the whole process because they understand the importance of each procedure and they are very attentive to all the details.
    Andrea Carreño
  • Manuel Andrade
    I am very grateful to Tu Visa en USA because I felt very comfortable, safe and confident during the legalization of my immigration status. I got more than a satisfactory result thanks to their support.
    Manuel Andrade
  • Angela Bello
    From my first meeting with Tu Visa in the USA, I was attracted by the knowledge they have to complete and prepare any document. I think that their extensive experience in this type of procedures was the key for me to feel calm, no matter what the result would be.
    Angela Bello