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We offer a personalized service.

Our team of experts, led by Mariela Vecchio, work with the strong vision of adjusting to your needs and requirements, offering support in different immigration legal services.

Due to our disposition and quality attention, you may have the certainty of an counting on a assertive and supportive communication throughout the support process.

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If you want to start an immigration process, get all the help you need through comprehensive support.

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Learn everything you need to know to be able to study in the USA.

We offer an online course designed and developed for all people who want to opt for the I-20 form and apply for a student visa.

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The lack of information should not be what stops your dreams, the construction of your own experience and the fulfillment of your objectives, when deciding to emigrate.

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Our satisfied clients

  • Andrea Carreño
    Tu Visa en USA attended to all my concerns and doubts from the first moment, it made me feel supported throughout the whole process because they understand the importance of each procedure and they are very attentive to all the details.
    Andrea Carreño
  • Manuel Andrade
    I am very grateful to Tu Visa en USA because I felt very comfortable, safe and confident during the legalization of my immigration status. I got more than a satisfactory result thanks to their support.
    Manuel Andrade
  • Angela Bello
    From my first meeting with Tu Visa in the USA, I was attracted by the knowledge they have to complete and prepare any document. I think that their extensive experience in this type of procedures was the key for me to feel calm, no matter what the result would be.
    Angela Bello

Frequent quiestions

Do we offer intrview training?

Yes, we do. You can count on our complete immigration support service.


Do we provide legal advice?

No, we don’t. We provide help realated to fill out documents and forms before USCIS or the court. The presentation is Prose, it means that you represent yourself.


Do we represent you legally in the courts of justice?

We do not represent before the court, you require the support of an accredited lawyer.


Do you know in advance the result of your procedure?

We act responsibly and therefore we can neither advise nor determine the outcome of any case.