Employment-Based Visas


EB-1 and EB-2 Special Skills Visas

This type of document offers you the opportunity to apply for permanent residence in the United States. It requires prominent talents or knowledge that must be substantiated by meeting a set of criteria.

We help you prepare and complete the documents you need to start the application process.

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Who are these programs for?

Third preference immigration, EB-3 visa

The requirements are multiple, however the main aspect is that you must be a specialized worker, a professional or another type of worker with a labor certification and a permanent job offer.

If you want to start a request of this type of visa which can lead you to obtain residence in the USA, you can count on our professional team to help you.


Who are these programs for?

The fundamental criterion that the applicant must fulfill is that he must perform a job for which there are no qualified workers available in the US.

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Do we offer intrview training?

Yes, we do. You can count on our complete immigration support service.


Do we provide legal advice?

No, we don’t. We provide help realated to fill out documents and forms before USCIS or the court. The presentation is Prose, it means that you represent yourself.


Do we represent you legally in the courts of justice?

We do not represent before the court, you require the support of an accredited lawyer.


Do you know in advance the result of your procedure?

We act responsibly and therefore we can neither advise nor determine the outcome of any case.